Avalanche course – Level 2

Analyzing Snow Stability, Avalanche Hazard, and Group Management in Avalanche Terrain.

Our Level 2 course is a 2,5-day program that provides independent leaders the opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision making skills. The Level 2 program builds on the introductory avalanche management skills introduced in the Level 1 program and adds in the skill set for identifying and mapping of weak layers.

Our Level 2 Avalanche Course will provide participants with the following information:

• Advanced understanding of avalanche terrain with a focus on stability analysis.
• Snow pack metamorphoses with time, and factors contributing to spatial variability.
• Identifying factors that indicate snow stability and instability.
• Understanding of avalanche physics, avalanche release, and triggering mechanisms.
• Improved companion rescue skills.

More info about our avalanche courses:

The Goals of our Avalanche Education Program

• Provide high quality avalanche education.
• Educate as many backcountry users as possible in the awareness of avalanches and avalanche safety.
• Increase the public awareness of avalanches and avalanche safety

Choosing an Avalanche Course

There are many avalanche courses on the market these days and not all are offering the same product. Please consider the following when choosing an Avalanche Course:

• When choosing your level of course be honest about your skill level. You may have been skiing for 10 or more years in the backcountry but never taken a proper avalanche course or your a beginner. Regardless cutting corners and registering for a Level 2 Course when you have never had a introductory level 1 course will only result in you getting less out of your experience.

• Introductory Courses (level 1) should have clear goals and focus on decision making. There is ALLOT of information to learn in the field of Avalanche Science. With that said Level 1 courses need to focus on giving you the ability to use the information that you learn and base a decision making process around that. This is Key to the success of our program and we focus allot of time on decision making.

• Intermediate Courses (level 2) should not just be spent reviewing material from an Introductory Level course. Our Level 2 course will spend little time reviewing material in a level 1 course and will quickly move into more advanced skills that will be of another skill set than you have learned in your level 1. Each of our courses deal with specific subjects and issues, and which build on one another.

• Price Shopping can hurt you! We might not be the cheapest because we employ highly trained instructors and keep our student to instructor ratio to low numbers. Think about it this way: how does the cost of an avalanche course compare to a pair of skis or the price of your transceiver, probe, and shovel? Why are you reluctant to spend a little extra for something that lasts a lifetime and will increase the safety of you and your partners?

Northern Alpine Guides Avalanche Courses

We offer level 1 and level 2 Avalanche Courses in Northern Norway. Our main locations are the Lofoten Islands, Narvik, and Bodø. We can set up a custom avalanche course anywhere in Norway if you have a group of 6 or more participants. Our Avalanche Program is led by lead guide Seth Hobby. He holds a level 3 Avalanche Certification from the American Avalanche Institute. This is the highest certification for Avalanche Forecasters in the US. Top this with nearly 20 years of traveling in avalanche terrain.

Practical information:

Course Itinerary

We use the first evening inside and the next two days with practical instruction outside, traveling in avalanche terrain.


Dates: On request or check out our winter program at fb.
Trip Length: 2,5 days.

Skill Level

Participants must have completed a minimum 3 day introductory level avalanche course before registering.


3600,- NOk pr person
Guiding Ratio: 1:6 participants
Minimum 4 participants


Included in Price:
– all guide/instructor fees and expenses.
– all instructional material and location rental.

Not Included in Price:
– personal ski/avalanche rescue equipment and clothing.
– transportation to/from course location.
– lodging.
– travel insurance

Terms & Conditions
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