Film and photo services

Throughout the years we have been lucky to have worked with several professional film and photo crews, including international safety staff. This has always been a great success for both parties.
We enjoy working with photo and film crews and we for sure know our back yard well which benefits our clients a lot when they hire us to assist in various ways.

Every film and photo project is exciting for us. With our background in the guide service industry and truism in Lofoten, we have extensive local knowledge, certifications for safety and many film and photo projects on our CV. We are the most experienced in our region and have been working with a great variation of projects both behind and in front of the cameras. We have established ourselves as a comprehensive and flexible film location service provider. Everything we do is based on an commitment to getting it right in line with your project brief, budget and creative vision.

Location Scouting
A keen eye for finding the best possible environment for a specific scene or an entire film or commercial is key. We have the insider knowledge of the region and network to pinpoint and secure the right location.

Location Safety
Our location protection experience and expertise extends to the most sensitive and vertical environments. This means safe access to practically any location environment. Rope management and high angle rigging is what we do and we do it better than any other in the region. We take seriously the responsibility of ensuring that your equipment, facilities, cast and crew are safe and secure.

Location Management
Let us take care of all your location related matters from consultation and initial pre-planning to production completion. We have the skills, experience and resolve to oversee, pre-empt and figure out viable, cost effective location management solutions.

Helicopter Permits
Aerial filming permits are different to land filming permits and are regulated in Norway. We can be helpful with the application and communication with the officials. Years of experience and a reputation for professionalism among our contacts, means accurate information and up to date procedural know-how.

Maps and Other Crucial Information
You tell us your requirements and we will tailor a map and information package to meet your needs.

Production Facility
Make use of our facility service, which includes meeting rooms, storage, catering and lodging. We can tailor make a package to your needs. We are well placed to provide this service to the film and eventing industry.

Location Risk Assessment
To ensure the safety of everyone involved on location we conduct a thorough risk assessment beforehand and recommend workable safety management standards. This includes factoring in adequate systems and processes for a particular scene or location.

We do have some equipment, but it´s limited to a certain number of people. While we are not a mass rental house, our offering includes advice and support for a wide range of top quality equipment and consumables rentals. We can provide some of the best equipment and materials to suit your production requirements and budget.
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• Location Scouting
• Location Safety
• Location Management
• Location Risk Assessment
• Helicopter Permits
• Genreral Permits
• Maps and Other Crucial Information
• Production Facility
• Rentals
• Crew Lodging

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